Unlock Network for LG LMX212TA Done Octplus box

Unlock LG X212TA
How To Unlock Network For LG LMX212TA 

  •  Frist Root Yor Device 
  • Need Octuplus Box 
  • Select Mode And Click Unlock 

 Unlock Log

Checking data...OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM182
Selected model: LMX212TA
Reading info...
Mode: Normal
Checking root access...
Initializing ADB...OK
Waiting for phone...
Please, reconnect phone, enable USB debugging, and try again.
To enable USB debugging, please perform the following steps:
1. Disconnect cable
2. Install LG Android ADB drivers
3. Go to "Settings" -> "About phone" -> "Software information"
4. Click on Build number 5 times
5. Enable "Settings" -> "Developer options" -> "USB debugging"
6. Connect the cable and check, whether ADB interface has
appeared in PC Device Manager.OK
Phone is already rooted.
Connecting to server...OK
Octopus smart card is present.
Checking smart card...OK
Username: ********
Checking balance...OK
Checking operation...OK
Sending device information...OK
Get credits, needed for current operation...OK
Your balance: 100 credits.
To perform "Unlock" operation you need to have 100 credits.
Sending data to server...
Sending exploit...OK
Executing exploit...OK
Calculating. Please Wait...OK
Calculating. Please Wait...OK
Executing exploit...OK
Phone successfully unlocked!
Rebooting phone...
Performed by 2.9.5 Software version.

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