LG K11 Plus

LG K11 Plus Review And Pric
Not doing well in the most expensive devices, it has always been successful in Brazil here to pass the two cheapest lines, and k11 Plus after six good months of its launch are still appearing in the best selling book list at a price almost 50% lower than last year .....
Let's analyze this small version of LG. Let me know that the k11 Plus looks too late in the latest smartphone trends where the edges are so huge that it is so small and it uses the body so badly that it is currently less than 700 BRL, and this is not a bother for me, in fact, its brushed metal back was so pretty, but this Very easy because it has a digital reader that also works as an on and off button which is different from LG in order to speak correctly and send you dear P2 we have under the old micro USB only in a few generations LG should update the line to SBT pus and since Cardoso also comes with this connection How at least you do not need to change your old cars that contain k12 But there is no headphone in the box, the sound quality is always strong LG even in these cheaper models but this essential accessory to take advantage of the main difference of the brand has been left here because the external amplifier and its brothers leave something required and is not different from what you find in any competing device But the truth is that not even cheese has not yet been invented old-fashioned. LG should not have any kind of knot in relation to the line. What is good for those who don't like Italy but this makes him look older than he really is. 16 in 9 ratio with only 720p HD resolution and brightness
When you go out on the street, a G6 Play can do better In this regard, the size of 5.3 inches is good and it looks good in the hand. It really is the cell phone that the ergonomics is an ok point on the other hand 32 storage gigs are good values ​​for this new positioning of it and the 3 gigabytes of ram has almost to be a differential since the bottleneck is in the mediatek mt6750 processor in benchmark it works minimally above the 14 25 specifications that not paper are better on paper will probably be enough for you play The most popular ones on the Play Store but only the most basic for heavier things like the free Fire of Life you will already start to feel choking the interface on the other hand runs well so if you are not a great Rescue use you will get along just that we have a problem other than a Motorola from Samsung’s life, the only thing used here is super late, it’s not a little bit he’s using the Android 7 version, people are already in the ninth version to try to compensate LG uses a heavier customization which has people who can like what sensors there are almost all of them but the gyroscope is missing which helps in precision only apps that depend on GPS And of course the Pokémon go limit Plus interested by those interested in Speak in the comments now I have to be honest and say that I expected a lot less from the battery the total charge is 3000 ampere hour and he spends an average of 11% on YouTube per hour and twenty percent playing free Fire heating up almost anything any player of just 6 watts needs 2:40 for a complete house You already know the best and leave the night on the wall for you to wake up with a full battery in general I think it is going well but when we look at some alternatives like moto G6 Play have a lot more expensive unloads faster stayed with 11 Plus is in a very average position pulling subject with the cameras the k11 Plus is well what you expect from a cheap cell phone and nothing more or nothing less the 5 Megapixel selfie camera suffers a lot on average the light presenting a lot of wheezing here also allows for the portrait mode which is a photo made by only that I got results much more or less at 1080p resolution recorder but without any kind of stabilization Again nothing out of the expected of an input device the main camera has 13 Megapixels of resolution And it goes a little better but suffers a dream in environments with less light there too when you need a HR more defined by having only one lens we don’t have any kind of blur on the camera bringing it also records in 1080p but with a little more definition the shaking is practically the same the summary is that the


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