PlayStation 4 Firmware Overhaul 7.50 Causes Critical Issues Counting Boot Circles, Boot Disappointments


  • PlayStation 4 firmware upgrade 7.50 has been causing boot disappointments and boot circles for clients
  • A few clients report issues with supports being turned on, but not transmitting flag to their tv
  • There right now isn't a settle within the works, but beginning the framework in secure mode may possibly offerresolution

  • Sony's later PlayStation 4 firmware upgrade 7.50 has caused a slew of issues for clients, counting boot circles, boot disappointments and lethargic comforts.
    The fix initially went live Thursday (April 16) taking after a circular of beta testing that traversed a few weeks. It discharged to small or no development caution, because it was not considered a major overhaul, and hence fans downloaded it and went together with their commerce as normal.
    However, now fans are reporting via the PlayStation 4 subreddit that there have been several frustrating problems that have arisen along with the update's launch. Patch 7.50 has reportedly caused some PlayStation 4 systems to completely fail to boot up. Others have seen problems with infinite boot loops, where the system attempts to start up, then shuts down immediately afterward and repeats without allowing users to interact with the console. 
    Further, some users have reported problems with the error code SU-42118-6. This is an error code typically associated with the system's Blu-ray drive. It's preventing the update from being installed. Finally, some players are having trouble with their PlayStation 4 systems starting up, but appearing unresponsive. 
    PlayStation 4 subreddit users have suggested trying to eject Blu-ray discs from the system before beginning an update. Alternatively, if the system is already affected by one of several errors, try restarting the system in safe mode. You can do this by holding down the power button for 10 seconds and using a USB drive to install the firmware. 
    Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said PlayStation logo. Photo: AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU
    Sony has yet to release an official statement on the issues reportedly being caused by the new patch. With many players being on lockdown across the world due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, now isn't exactly a good time for systems to start acting up – especially when Sony has begun a new program offering free games for PlayStation 4 owners to download and add to their collections. 
    In just a few months, the PlayStation 5 is set to make its debut. It's the hope of gamers across the globe that it's a launch that won't be plagued with issues similar to those that the new firmware update seems to be having. 

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