How To Update To Android Q 10 For All Devices A

Update any Android phone to Android Q10 with ease
For all supported and unsupported phones from the phone companies
(SAMSUNG - LG - HTC - XIOAMI - OPPO - HUAWEI - ALCATEL - LENOVO - Redmi - One Pluse - GOME - Kyocera - MTK - SONY )

hey guys so finally we have warlike interview final DSi he's got his DUI stands for genetic system image and it means you can install it on any Android phone as long as history books now because I'm going to show you a full step by step guide how to install these on any Android phone so let's get started so that is this process will instill they exist after the pixel 3 has for tasting I'm using my dad built for which is almost three-year-old What is the score of the DSi for Hannah stocking and pretend is it an amazing thing is working properly Wi-Fi is working really walking normally start walking and the new navigation system with that new app switching animation is great but if you are supposed to be for Android and as you can see. If it is still the same by brightness slider is now on the top and a let's go to about section and as you can see this is Android 10 with the latest security patch of September fire and paint store someday look what you find who made this day aside for anyone to install and guys now it will show you step-by-step how to install it and as I said you can install this on any Android phone as long as is treble supported if you don't know if your phone is disabled  please and Link  He's a piece of edible in Play store and Link for that will be the description box fill out now. I'll make sure your bootloader is unlocked and then install any trouble custom recovery for me I'm using orange Fox custom recovery and then you need to download this for file the first one is a fool to DSi file which is the main find the second fight is vendor zip you can use any Windows eBay's on Android buy for your phone now for my regular phone I'm using the Avengers when is the file size of a small and they are Home Depot bug fixes so once you download everything leaving boot into custom recovery and I already have orange false custom recovery pre-install in this phone now before you do anything makes you the full name Rebecca and then we go to wipe and wipe everything except internal storage and nobody go to install tab are in Solo vendors e-file call Myron Miller for having Sterling live indoors when does the file and if you don't want to see any errors in this process make sure you install latest version of custom recovery install Deb install image and then we'll select a main file DSi file and install it and system image and swipe right to install so this poses my dig around 5 minutes so just wait there and make sure you have enough battery in your phone so once that's done go to install Tire and Wheel in flower first fix file fix their wife. Easy file it won't take much time again go to install Deb and release the last file it is permissible was in full now he just laughed if we might get an error but just ignore that there's nothing to
worry about and then reboot the system and you're done so for the first would wait for 5 to 10 minutes and if anything happens and if your phone is stuck Goodwill recovery and repeat this process again softer 5 minutes your phone will boot as you will have it installed in your phone that I will be reviewing many Android Q rooms in the future if you don't want to miss that President and also please like this video If you appreciate what I do on this Site  this is your friend and I will see you tomorrow later  

  • The first step you have to do in case you want to update to the Android 10 version is to cancel the bootloader lock. You can go to the company's website for your phone and check if your phone is locked or not, or you have to search the Internet for unlocking the bootloader (Huawei) This is just an example or try Unlock With cmd commands Download minimal_adb_fastboot
  1. Enable unlocking OEM from Developer options
  2. enable usb debuggeing and Connect Phone to PC With USB Cable
  3. open cmd command and type this command (adb reboot bootloader)
  4. for unlock bootloader (fastboot oem unlock)
  • Install custom Recovery From Here TWRP
  1. choose TWRP Recovery For Youre Phone Model
  2. Download To Your PC
  3. From cmd type this command (fastboot flash recovery twrp.img)
  4. Now Disconnect Phone And Reboot into Recovery Mode

  • Now Download Android 10 Update File For Youe Phone From This Web Site Android 10 Roms
  1. Choose Your Phone Model And Click Download ROM File
  2. Copy Update Android 10 zip To Sdcard And Put in Your Phone
  3. From Twrp Recovery Choose Install 
  4. And Select Update zip file 
  5. Wait For Flash android 10 finish and click reboot system 

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