IPhone Se (2020) Review , Specifications, disadvantages and price of a phone

                            Iphone Se 2020 Apple Pric Review

What do you want out of an iPhone you probably think of something like a good camera or long battery life and yes you definitely want those things but what you want out of an iPhone what you really want is all of the iPhone stuff that you don't usually think about you want the thing that works with imessage that's when we were liable for several years that has access to all of the best apps and that's easy and simple to use and this iPhone a brand new iPhone SE does all of those things for only 399 bucks for the base 64 gig model so this He really simple is this an iPhone Check Yes yes it is it does all of the iPhone things the only question you have to answer then is whether or not it does all those things well basically if paying just four hundred bucks for an iPhone means that you're giving up way too much so if you seen an iPhone 8 for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 you get the basic shape and feel of the new iPhone SE it has a 4.7 inch LCD display with the colors change depending on the light and it's a really good display it also has these huge bezels on the top and the bottom and there is a classic home button on the bottom of the fingerprint sensor it's compatible with iPhone 8 cases is IP67 waterproof which is not the best but it's pretty good really familiar from the glass back to your home button I miss you I didn't realize how much but you're great anyway there are still two small bombers to talk about with this overall design that were so familiar with one I'm just going to say it again these bezels they're huge and I'm knocking it because a bunch of inexpensive Android phones have figured out how to reduce these bells to fit a bigger screen and a smaller apple is just keeping things the same that it's always been here to is you know the size is 4.7 in small but whereas this thing is basically not that much smaller than my iPhone 11 Pro and sorry that's just the way the phone world isn't out actually there is a third thing to gripe about and that is that there's no headphone jack on this phone and that is also the way the phone world is now too but this price point a bunch of Android phones do manage to hang on to the headphone jack to be clear so it was a little bit of a bummer here at least apples including wired lightning headphones it's just not including a headphone 3.5 adapter another reason this phone is really impressive is that inside it has the exact same processor as a iPhone 11 Pro is the a 13 biotic and let me use this phone is really faster but the real reason I'm using this phone is Shore to get OS updates for many years to come out there may be other Android phones that cost the same $399 but it's not really about that cost not quite still very still very good Starting now which makes the average Edge battery life a little bit easier to deal with so let's talk camera was just one on the back is still megapixels and there is a 7 megapixel selfie camera on the front and for a $400 phone I have zero complaints in bright lighting conditions it's just it's kind of ugly photos are well detailed and there's good light it is almost hard to tell the difference between this phone and $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro it does some other stuff with new portrait effects and so on because it has that 813 bionic chip but it's still pending mess with portrait mode because you know you lose something when you say this much money so for example low-light is it's not great there's no night mode for one thing and for another when it's really did like I feel like the software just kind of panics and overcorrection introduces a bunch of artifacts that didn't need to be there if you're coming from like an OG iPhone SE or iPhone 6 or even iPhone 7 you're still going to see a huge Improvement then I know that the pixel 3 a in the upcoming Pixar for Fancy face unlocker in script I also have a Galaxy s20 and you told me I couldn't have my multiple camera systems are my fancy face a locker in screen fingerprint sensor in the big bezel is OLED screens and instead of had to use this policy very sad I miss those things but not as much as you might think because other than low light photography I am able to do all the same things I do on those thousand-dollar phones on the $400 phone now if I were buying you see I would probably spend the extra fifty bucks to get $128 instead of 60 for it's a good upgrade if you want this phone to last three year for maybe even five years and that time span is why the iPhone SE is a big deal no other phone for less than $500 can you no promise that it's going to be this good or that it's going to last that long and beyond that you know the iPhone to see it isn't just a good deal it's a really good phone hi thanks so much for watching let me know what you think of the iPhone SE down in the comments and if you missed it I also reviewed the magic keyboard for the iPad Pro and they'll be a link somewhere in your screen I never know where to point I do my best 

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