Moto G7 Play XT1952-4 QCN File Fix IME Network Unlock


qcn file for repair network gsm cdma and imei 
اصلاح مشكلة التغطية والرقم التسلسلي لجهاز Moto G7 Play XT1952-4
Moto G7 Play XT1952-4 Solve Network Problem And fix No Service and imei 0 after unlock 
ومشكلة اختفاء التغطية بعد فك الشيفرة او التحديث


How To Repair Netowrk With QCN File

For Repair Network And IMEI And Backup , Restore Qcn Files 

you need to download Dev-Time QCN Tool From Link  

  1. Download and install DTM QCN Tool
  2. Download XT1952-4  QCN File
  3. From Enable Diag Mode And Connect With USB Cable
  4. From DTM QCN File Select USB Port 
  5. Click Restore And Select XT1952-4 QCN File
  6. Wait For Finish Process And Reboot Phone Manualy

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