All SM-G920 Cert Files Fix IMEI Network Free 100%


All SM-G920XX Cert File Fix IMEI Repair Network

Repair and Fix Network And IMEI Cert , No Service , Searching For Service , Not Network Connection
Samsung SM-G920A - G920T -  G920F - G920P - G920V -  G920L - G920R4 - G920R7 -
 Cert File For Fix Network & IMEI 

Use The Cert File For Fix IMEI And Network Problem 

 SM-G920A - G920P - G920V -  G920L - G920R4 - G920R7 - G920F - G920T IMEI Cert : Fail
 SM-G920A - G920P - G920V -  G920L - G920R4 - G920R7 - G920F - G920T  IMEI Null
 SM-G920A - G920P - G920V -  G920L - G920R4 - G920R7 - G920F - G920T  No Service
 SM-G920A - G920P - G920V -  G920L - G920R4 - G920R7 - G920F - G920T  Searching For Service
SM-G920A - G920P - G920V -  G920L - G920R4 - G920R7 - G920F - G920T  Repair Network
SM-G920A - G920F - G920T  Repair IMEI

What Is Cert File ?

To see a definition such as IMEI, SN, MEID, ESN, and each file carries a different address. It uses only one phone and always turns the manufacturer Samsung to prevent changing a certificate or writing it to prevent tampering with its devices, changing the identifier or canceling the network lock

Why do I need to write Cert file ؟

You may need to write a cert file in case problems arise in the cellular network, losing the IMEI serial number, or unlocking the network, changing the IMEI, and fixing a problem (no service)

    Which can fixed it with Cert File?

    There are many potential problems that you may need to write a cert to fix and solve them and some problems are such as : -

  • IMEI Cert Fail 
  • IMEI Is Null
  • IMEI NG 
  • Baseband Unknown
  • Change IMEI
  • Write IMEI
  • Fix No Service
  • Service Disabled 
  • Not Regisered network
  • IMEI 0044

What are the tools that I can use to write

There are many tools and boxes through which you can write the cert files
  • Z3X Samsung Tool
  • Octoplus Samsung Box
  • Chimara Tool
  • Sigma Box
  • GCPro Box
  • Global Unlocker 
  • SIM-Unlocker Tool
  • T-Unlock Tool 

Steps for writing the Cert file

  1. Frist For Cert Write You Need To Flash Combination Or Eng Modem or Root 
  2. Open Tool or Box That You Want To Write Cert
  3. Select Phone Model Like (SM-G920XX)
  4. Select USB Serial Port & ADB Device
  5. Click Write Cert And Select Cert File
  6. Wait For Write Cert File And Reboot After Finish 

Download `SM-G920A-F-T Cert File

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