LG Blue Screen Fix (Factroy Reset Status ) after flash حل مشكلة الشاشة الزرقاء

LG Blue Screen Fix (Factroy Reset Status ) after flash حل مشكلة الشاشة الزرقاء

Fix the blue screen problem in LG phones after flashing, and often this problem appears in the LG phones that run on the Android system. This problem is related to the state of factory reset and the value of the number 3 appears on the screen, but we found a solution to get rid of the screen problem in the LG phones easily and without costs

LG Blue Screen peroblem Solve the problem of standing on the Factory Reset Status screen on LG devices
This problem often occurs after flashing, and its solution is by returning the value from 3 to 0 by means of this command
Then this command to start the phone in normal mode
The commands are sent via the Serialport modem
This is the program that sends the commands

LG solved the blue screen issue after flashing
Factory Reset Status Often the blue screen problem, or so-called, occurs
And not to leave the list even when flashing again or formatting the phone
  The solution is to send a command that cancels the operation, sent via the modem port
LG USB Modem Port
  AT + Diag via the command dispatch tool
Just download the program, choose the port, and send the commands
  The command to disable the blue screen
The command to restart the phone to normal status

 LG حل مشكلة الشاشة الزرقاء بعد التفليش لأجهزة 
Factory Reset Status وغالباً ماتحدث مشكلة الشاشة الزرقاء او مايسمى ب 
وعدم الخروج من القائمة حتى عند التفليش مرة اخرى او عمل فورمات للهاتف 
 الحل يكون بإرسال أمر يقوم بإلغاء العملية يتم إرسالة عن طريق منفذ المودم 
LG USB Modem Port 
 AT + Diag عن طريق اداة ارسال اوامر 
فقط قم بتحميل البرنامج واختيار المنفذ وإرسال الأوامر 
 أمر تعطيل الشاشة الزرقاء 


أمر إعادة تشغيل الهاتف الى الوضع طبيعي 



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