LG K40 T-Mobile X420MM Unlock Network GSM-CDMA Free

LG K40 T-Mobile Unlock Free GSM CDMA Without box or Credit

 LG K40 T-Mobile Unlock Network GSM-CDMA Free For All Without Box 

There are many providers of network unlocking service through cards and online websites, but we will provide a way to unlock the network without the need to pay or use a box. Just download the necessary files and follow the explanation

LG Unock Network 

LG K40 T-Mobile

Unlock Network


How To Unlock Netowrk : T-Mobile

In smartphones that work on T-Mobile, the process is done through the application Device Unlock to work on any other telecom company without restrictions
If the phone has restrictions or installments, the phone will not be unlocked

Unlock Steps >
    1. Connect Phone With Internet Connect (WIFI)
    2. Go To Apps list > Device Unlock App
    3. From App UI Click (Permanent Unlock)
T-Mobile Unlock Free With APK

Convet To CDMA : LG GSM-CDMA Network Swich

    • Download LG K40 X420MM CDMA File X420MM QCN
    • Enable Diag > HiddenMenu *#546368#*Model#
> Diag :
> 1-Open HiddenMenu
> 2-SVC Menu
> 3-port Check Test
> 4-Enable
DFS CDMA Tool Unlock Network CDMA
    • Delete <Policman> Folder From EFS
    • Delete cdma_less file from  (nv\item_files\modem\mmode\cdme_less) 
    • Now Reboot Phone Manual
    • Swich To CDMA : *#*#4636#*#* Phone Info > CDMA_Auto PRL  

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