Moto smith XT2071-4 Letest Firmware Flash XML File QPS30.205-Q3-43-75-4 Android 10


Motorola ( Moto smith XT2071-4) XML  Firmware flash file 

version (QPS30.205-Q3-43-75-4 ) carrier (India Retail )
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New firmware update Motorola phone model (XT2071-4), which includes many improvements and fixes in the user interface and device performance
This update carries an Android version (Android) with the version ( QPS30.205-Q3-43-75-4) of the phone (smith) that works at the telecommunications company (India Retail ). You may need this phone program to fix some problems such as standing on the logo, overheating of the phone, or network problems, unlocking the network in the phone to fix a problem There is no service in the phone and it is returned to factory status

Model Name(Model)
CarrierIndia Retail 
Phone ModelXT2071-4 
Version QPS30.205-Q3-43-75-4
Android(Android 10)
Firmware TypeXML Flash File
Flashing ToolRSDL Lite

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