XIOAMI MI 3 QCN File For Repair Network , IMEI , Unlock


XIOAMI MI 3 Fix IMEI And Network Problems no Service Mobile Network 

Qcn files that can be used to repair the phone's IMEI , MEID , ESN serial number or unlock network, and even fix the problem of the primary band of the network as well as fix problems with no service in the network and problems operating the mobile phone network 2g 3g 4g 5g and refer the phone to various points such as gsm cdma lte umts wcdma And other network settings that can be fixed via the QCN file in all Qualcomm phones

Hot To Repair Netowrk For XIOAMI MI 3 

  1. Frist Download Write QCN Tool
  2. Download MI 3 Telecom Baseband QCN
  3. Download Mi 3 Unicom Baseband
  4. Enable Diag Mode On The Phone
  5. Install XIOAMI Diag Drivers
  6. Open QCN Tool And Select Serial Port 
  7. Click Restore And Select QCN File 
  8. Select QCN File For Start Write To Phone

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