emmcdl commands EDL 9008 Backup Flash + Reset FRP Without box

How to use emmcdl commands in Qualcomm 9008 mode, read and write operations, and remove the FRP lock without the need for paid tools or boxes

Have you asked why software professionals prefer to do operations manually and resort to using the command prompt instead of using tools or boxes that make it easier for them to work?

- Well, certainly the answer will not be that they do not have enough money to buy tools and boxes: that facilitate the process for them and do not think about using professional tools such as (miracle box , pandora box , umt dongle , EFT Dongle , Hydra Tool ,etc)  just because they know how those tools deal with the phone and they take other ways to repair the phone or write a firmware and even they can do many things such as Unlock the network or remove the FRP lock and even contain a phone that dies by wrong flashing

 what i can do with emmcdl commands :
There are a lot of things that can be done via emmcdl.exe commands, such as reading and writing the phone’s memory system partitions again or on another phone of the same model, and also can remove network protection or unlock FRP, delete phone 
data, restore the phone’s factory settings, and many other things

emmcdl commans list 

there is some jobs and things you can do with emmcdl but we are to expline the most you want to use more times 

simple command : emmcdl -p <Port> -f <Programmer firehose>  <option>  <value>

finaly command  : emmcdl  -p COM9 -f prog_firhose_loader.mbn -d boot -o  output.img

  • emmcdl.exe -l 
    List availabe mass storage devices 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -info
    Get list HW information  (SerialNumber,MSM_HW_ID,OEM_PK_HASH,SBL SW Version)

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -gpt
    dump gpt parition list form connected device

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firehose.mbn -d boot -o output_boot.img
    dump signle partition form phone and -o output dir 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firehose.mbn -d 0 1000 -o output_dump.bin
    dump memory from start address to end address and save to file 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firehose.mbn -e config 
    erase partitions by parition name 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firhose.mbn -e 0 100
    erase parition by partition address 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firehose.mbn -b boot E:\dumpboot.img
    write single partition to device by partition name 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firehose.mbn -x rawprogram0.xml
    write rawprogram0.xml firmware to phone 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 -f firehose.mbn -x Reboot.xml
    Reboot From EDL To Normal Mode 

  • emmcdl.exe -p COM9 0f firehose.mbn -x Recovery.xml
    Reboot From EDL To Recovery Mode


    if you want to run commands as faster and easy from any where from any folder without needed to click  ("open cmd here")  just copy cmmdl.exe to system dir "C:\Windows\"

    We warn against any misuse due to insufficient experience, reading the instructions correctly or misunderstanding them and Dev-Time is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your device

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