LG K3 Boost LS450ZVB QCN File Repair Network Fix IMEI

Repair And Fix Unlock Network For China Mobile LG K3 Model LS450  QCN File

Sometimes when you try to unlock the network or repair the IMEI serial number, the phone network service may be disabled by mistake, and this often happens after updating the system, writing a firmware for the phone, or trying to change the IMEI serial number, but we at dev-time always strive to find exclusive and innovative solutions To restore service and get the phone back to work again

What are QCN files and how are they used to fix network problems

First, what is the meaning of qcn? This name stands for qualcomm calibration network and contains all network properties including serial number, imei, network settings properties and efs files necessary to customize networks such as gsm, cdma, umts, lte QCN files can be used to fix mobile network problems such as no service, emergency call only, network locked, service has been disabled, searching for service, imei 0, etc.

Usage Warnings

(What you should know first is that dev-time is not responsible for any wrong use or violation of the instructions that we provide in this regard) To avoid any damage to the phone, you must read these instructions and apply them well 
  1. Do not use files from different phones. The phone model and version must match to avoid network loss 
  2. You must make a backup copy of QCN from the phone before you start writing any file 
  3.  You must take a backup copy of the phone serial numbers (such as SN, IMEI, MEID) to rewrite them in case the network is lost

How to write a qcn file to the phone

First of all, it should be noted that qcn files are intended only for Qualcomm devices and should only be used if you need to fix a network problem or correct one of the errors of the IMEI serial number 
Secondly, the qcn file must be compatible with the same phone model, as you cannot use files for different devices, for example, if you write a qcn file for a Samsung phone on a LG phone, and also do not write a qcn file for two devices of different models from the same company, this may cause damage to the phone Correct steps to write a qcn . file

  1.  Download the most powerful DTM tool in the field of dealing with QCN files from here
  2. download LS450ZVB_DTM.qcn here
  3.  Activate the dial mode in the phone and connect it via the usb connection and choose a serial usb port from inside the tool 
  4.  Make a backup copy of the phone through the option Backup QCN
  5.  Click on QCN Restor and choose the appropriate file
  6.  Wait until the writing is finished and the tool tells you that the process is complete

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